Giles Pearson – Accountests – CEO Business Marketing Interview 48

PART ONE PwC Hawke’s Bay Partner

Why Giles believes the winning business formula is a combination of the entrepreneur alongside a process orientated person, ensuring you have a strategic plan, holding monthly meeting, discussing strategic Issues and creating action plans with accountability.

Why having a structure to make good decisions is just as important in the growth times, why it’s critical to talk to as many people as you possible when researching new projects and spending as much time talking to customers in those markets, talk to people who have been there and done it,

Giles also shares what’s been successful for Hawke’s Bay businesses breaking into the Asian marketplace and how it differs to North America,

PART TWO Co-Founder Accountests (from 17 mins)

We learn about how the pre-hire technical tests that Accountests deliver, accelerates discovering accounting talent while reducing final stage candidate capability risk when hiring Chartered Accountants, Accountants and Bookkeepers in business and at large CA firms.

Giles talks about how they’re gaining market traction, the challenges of educating the market directly, getting runs on the board in NZ and how they’re using that to refine their growth strategy for the UK.

PLUS Giles also talks about the lessons he’s taken across from PwC to his own startup Accountests, co-founded with Steve Evans and where they’re at now with the rollout in NZ, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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