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The MKTG Mentor Beta Programme is open to business owners, CEO’s and their employees who want to improve their marketing skills and gain confidence in running marketing campaigns across all digital channels.


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Why I Created MKTG Mentor

Existing marketing training doesn’t meet business owner’s needs

“During 2016 I interviewed over 60 CEO’s about business & marketing on The Ryan Marketing Show on iTunes. Many owners want to learn more and empower their team, but training institutions didn’t meet their needs and they weren’t sure what information to trust online.


To create more successful businesses that market confidently to audiences early and often

I also found that the most successful businesses are discovering and confidently marketing to audiences early and often, and at all stages of their sales and marketing funnel, yet this was usually through trial and error, a specialist agency, a motivated employee or simply blind luck.


There was no New Zealand centric marketing resource for business people with marketing responsibilities to turn to, to ask questions and learn. I wanted to create that.” Ryan Jennings.





Why MKTG Mentor is right for you and your team

Everyone has got 10 minutes a week to watch, learn and apply at least one new marketing tactic. This is the fastest way to learn new actionable insights and ask questions along the way.


MKTG Mentor – BETA from Ryan Jennings


What Does MKTG Mentor Look Like

While anyone can access the CEO interviews in the top row, you will receive a unique login and password to access the MKTG Mentor content in the bottom row which is constantly updated based on questions from our members.



Who will benefit from joining MKTG Mentor

  • Business Owners who perform some marketing activities themselves and would like to improve and update their skills.


  • Office Managers who are responsible for social media and email marketing and would like to be able to do their job more effectively.


  • Marketing Managers who want to learn from their peers, improve skills on emerging channels and share tips with like minded marketers.




It’s more than training. Join a community of peers

No one person has all the answers, but together there are plenty of people who can help you find the answer you’re looking for. Much of the MKTG Mentor content comes directly from questions asked by the member community.




Learn at your own pace and at your own marketing level

Sometimes you need a marketing answer in 5 minutes and sometimes you have 5 minutes to improve your marketing knowledge. MKTG Mentor works both ways.





MKTG Mentor Beta Programme Members Receive


  • Access to 12 MKTG Mentor Beta Programme video learning modules to access 24 x 7.


  • Advanced access to 2-3 new MKTG Mentor Beta Programme video learning modules every week.


  • Access to MKTG Mentor Questions to ask unlimited questions from your peers and ry@n.



  • 100% refund guarantee if you don’t gain marketing confidence & learn new skills in the first 30 days.


BONUS: Ask up to 3 questions to have turned into video learning content for all employees at your organisation.


Number of employees